Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Security

We at Mobileye Technologies Limited, our parent company and / or any one of our affiliated companies (“Mobileye”) are committed to maintaining data confidentiality and the protection of personal information on this site.

All information collected while browsing the website, and any information provided to us, will be maintained in the strictest confidence  and will be used for the purposes for which it has been provided to us, including as described below. The purpose of the information presented in this document is to enable you to understand the policies of Mobileye regarding the preservation of information and privacy protection.

Data collection and usage.

Mobileye collects information about users of the site in order to improve the quality of the services Mobileye provides through the site. There are two types of information which are gathered by Mobileye: general information about visitors to the site and information containing personal information which is provided on a voluntary basis – by browsing the site and / or wanting to purchase online services through the site.

General information about visitors to the site.

Mobileye collects general information about visitors to the site based on an aggregated and anonymous basis, that is, in a way that cannot be associated with any identifying personal information or details and vice versa, e.g., number of visitors to the site, the pages they visit, how they came to the site and the duration of their visits to the site.

General information about site visitors is collected using a computer file for databases (Web Server Log) and Cookies (” Cookie “). A Cookie is a piece of information that is sent from the site to the visitor’s computer and stored on the user’s hard disk. The use of Cookies is designed to track repeat visits to the site. Mobileye would like to point out and emphasize that although Mobileye can send Cookies to visitors’  computers, in certain situations, Mobileye does not know the identities and / or any other personal information about them, unless those users have provided such identifying information to Mobileye on their own initiative.

The general information is collected about visitors to the site to improve site content, quality and nature of the services provided through it, as well as to improve and enrich Mobileye’s  products.

Providing personal information through the site.

Information of a personal nature such as name, address, contact details, email address, credit card information and / or any other information requested in order to purchase a product, is collected only when the site visitor voluntarily chooses to provide it.

All information to be provided by browsing through the Mobileye site, including through the registration  to receive services through the Site and / or when requesting information and / or product offers and / or services of Mobileye, will be provided voluntarily and with the full consent of the user and will constitute agreement on the part of Mobileye or its representatives to collect  and use the details provided, subject to applicable law, including agreement to receive communications either by regular mail, e-mail or in any other manner.

The information which Mobileye collects from visitors to the site is intended to provide service and ongoing support for  products purchased by visitors and contact invitation as well as contact information for product offers, direct mailings, statistical processing, segmentation and targeted marketing as well as for  improvement and / or changes in the services provided through the Site and its contents, and the handling of claims. In addition, information will be provided for processing, storage and / or for the enhancement of such uses. The information is collected on the site by Mobileye or its representative for the use of Mobileye.

Mobileye will only transfer the relevant personal information collected about users to third parties in the following cases:

  • Information as necessary to comply with the requirements imposed by law, regulation, legal proceedings, or at the demand of any other competent authority.
  • In the event you breach the terms of use, including these terms or if you perform illegal actions, or attempt to perform such actions.

A visitor who does not wish to receive information about products and services can choose to be removed from the distribution list  when receiving such information.

Safety and confidentiality.

Mobileye does everything possible to protect the confidentiality of the data provided  by customers, by using reasonable security technologies that are compatible with industry standards for the Internet, including servers secured by SSL protocol. In addition,  Mobileye has adopted stringent rules for protecting data privacy and confidentiality, against errors in the use of information provided or against unauthorized access to such information. Mobileye uses administrative, physical and technical tools as a means to protect the information stored on the site and periodically examines the robustness of the system.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is a risk of intrusion to databases. As long as Mobileye takes reasonable security measures, Mobileye will not be responsible for damage caused by such unauthorized access and / or transfer of information to a third party due to such access. Mobileye reserves the right to take other reasonable security measures described above, consistent with  industry standards for the Internet.

Using passwords.

It is possible that certain parties will try to infiltrate the site by using identifying information you received from Mobileye. Therefore, never send your username and / or password by e-mail, fax or verbally to any party whatsoever.

Precautions against fake e-mails.

Fake emails are messages supposedly sent by Mobileye or another known company asking the recipient to enter  the company website using a link provided in the message, and send or update his/her identifying data (passwords, account numbers, etc.) specifying the reasons for which the update is required: security reasons , upgrading systems and the like. The link in the message can be an exact replica of the official website of Mobileye from which the mail was allegedly sent. This is a way of  illegally  trying to obtain the recipient’s identification data in order to access their accounts.

Please note that under no circumstances will Mobileye send its customers an e-mail by which they will be asked to update their personal details and / or be asked to provide their secret PIN and therefore DO NOT comply with an e-mail request to update information and do not disclose personal information to anyone.

In order to preserve and protect the information that you use on Mobileye’s site, please adopt the following  rules:

  1. Type the Mobileye URL and don’t enter the site through links
  2. Check carefully any e-mails directing you to the Mobileye site and confirm they were actually sent by Mobileye.
  3. In no event should you send your personal details (user name, password, credit card number, etc.) by e-mail to any party, even if identifies itself as Mobileye.
  4. Whenever entering the site through a link in an e-mail,  make sure that you have reached the official Mobileye site, since impostor sites are used to carry out fraudulent activities.
  5. If an e-mail looks suspicious, don’t click on any links in it.
  6. If you are at all suspicious about an e-mail you allegedly received from Mobileye, immediately notify us

Mobileye reserves the right to change and update this privacy policy. Such updates will be posted on the site and become effective within a week of their first publication.

If you are not satisfied with any part of this site or this policy, the sole and exclusive remedy you have available is to stop using this site. If you do not use encryption and do not have a secure electronic signature you should not make use of e-mail communications with us on any confidential matter, in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our communications.

We thank you for your attention and understanding.